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 What information do you need when selecting the Web Design Company that is right for you?

Our experience has shown that you are likely looking for quick answers to three basic questions:
 What are the benefits of having Cinco Stars Web™ create my web design?
 How does Cinco Stars Web™ approach Search Engine Optimization?
 How much will web design cost if I work with Cinco Stars Web™?
 "How Can Your Company Benefit Me?"
 The Web site we build will get your business noticed, sell your products and improve how your business operates. Professional design, powerful sales text and effective search engine promotion are the keys to your success.
 One factor in selecting a provider is experience. We are experienced in multiple platforms/programming languages, e.g., PHP, .NET, ASP, MSSQL, MySQL, VB, C++, Linux, Windows, etc. Through a balanced mix of high functionality and creative art, and by combining diverse expertise in strategy, design and technology, we create business solutions that excite and inspire.
 Whether you are looking for an eCommerce site, a company Intranet or full scale database systems development, we will work with you to find a solution specific to your needs.
 Please take some time and browse through our extensive portfolio to see the various types of web sites and applications we have developed.
 We take the time to form close, long-term relationships in an effort to become a trusted extension of your business. Our technique is to closely understand your specific business objectives from an executive perspective, and simplify the technology requirements with custom solutions. We provide all the services and support that you need to build a successful eBusiness strategy.
 "We Help You Achieve Search Engine Success"
 Search Engine Optimization (SEO); what is it? Just about every client we encounter is asking: Will my site be seen in search engines? How can my site be in the top search results?
 Let's start off by simply saying search engine optimization doesn't have to be an ugly Web site. What benefit is a visitor to your site if you cannot inspire confidence sufficient to make that contact or sale? Success starts with a clean, professional design.
 Our experience will help you understand not only what it takes to achieve favorable listings in search engines, but the Web site we build will convert site visitors into contacts or sales.
 "Why Pay For Something You Don't Need?"
 We want to provide you the consultation and advice you need to seize opportunities and achieve your business goals. We don't want to sell you something you don't need.
 Rather than force a pre-made solution, we learn your requirements and outline the options available for an effective and cost efficient solution that is custom tailored to your needs.
 "How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?"
 Before you can truly assess the fairness of a quote for Web services, you need to know a little bit about this industry. The variations in pricing are extreme and you will encounter various levels of technical skill, experience and design creativity. Something that is very important to keep in mind is that a high price does not necessarily translate into the best product and likewise a low price isn't always a bargain. There is also a wide variation in pricing models that range from pre-configured packages to expensive recurring software licensing fees.
 So, how does Cinco Stars Web™ approach this? We have been producing highly scaleable custom Web sites, eCommerce applications and Intranets for clients across the United States since 2001. We have a wide range of Web design and programming experience that is demonstrated by providing a large online portfolio for your review. Our clients range in size from small companies to the Fortune 500 and we employ a fixed price quote model.
 Our fixed price model means that we discuss your unique requirements and provide a flat rate quote. Simply stated; "You have security in knowing exactly what you are going to pay before you spend a dime".

 "We Want You To Be Our Client"
 We need to know some detail about your needs. So, let's get started. Send us an email or give us a call @ 318.734.2990. We are here to answer your questions and discuss your goals.



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